Why “War Unicorn”?

The common belief about unicorns is that, as symbols of purity, they are full of sweetness and light. But they can be vicious little bastards. That horn isn’t just for magic and curing poisons, you know.

What kind of blog is this?

I’m still not sure of that, myself. I would be a pundit, but I just don’t have the time or dedication. I’m far more interested in the funny. It’s always about the funny.

So why aren’t YOU funny?

Depends on who you ask. Some folks think I’m hysterical. Sometimes even on purpose!

Make me laugh, then! Entertain me!

That’s your job. I keep this to entertain myself. If other people happened to be entertained, wonderful. If not…well, this isn’t their blog.

So…this isn’t actually a forum?

The “WordPress” link on the footer in place of a “phpBB” link is a pretty good indication that this isn’t.


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